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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> and not domestic jobs at searcher. fueled by growth from the service sector to manufacturing. employers top the 200,000 mark for the third straight month. the unemployment rate held steady at 8.3%. >> day-by-day we are creating new jobs. >> president obama unveiling in new initiative as he toured a rolls-royce plans in virginia. >> when i come to places like this and i see the work being done, it gives me confidence for better days ahead. >> republicans hope that does not mean a better chance for reelection. >> ec that sign up there? less debt, more jobs, smaller government. that is what we want. >> it may be the case that by november people are less discouraged about the economy. >> they say it too soon to
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tell. >> we need to wait for the next few months to see how this ends up. >> as more jobs are created, it's possible the unemployment rate could hit 8% or lower, but they say we would need at least 185,000 jobs per month to reach that point. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> work continues to balance the state budget. taking steps to fill a $1 billion whole. they are phasing in proposed the split of teacher pensions with local jurisdictions. income tax would rise. a green light did a deal to raise taxes .5% up to $1 million and more for those earning more.
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"the governor's decision came even before two house committees spent the entire afternoon hearing testimony on three bills that would make marijuana available to seriously ill patients. david collins as live to continue tonight's mission 2012 report. >> the governor is concerned that state employees could face federal prosecution it any of those bills became law. gov. martin o'malley made a beeline back to his office when we requested a comment on why he would likely veto legislation. according to a spokesperson, he's concerned about criminal liability. federal law does not make exception to the use of marijuana for medical purposes. >> the attorney general has given us a point of fact that no state has been prosecuted
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involved to record. >> this is the lead sponsor of legislation allowing patients to purchase from a state licensed dispensary. he suggests tweaking the bill to protect caregivers. >> at least we get some people out of the risk of being prosecuted for taking care of the sick person at home. this is about compassion, too. >> the recent committee heard this bill and two other measures. one newcomer previously backed by this doctor calls peru's strictly monitor program where a research institution would dispense the marijuana. he is in favor but federal law makes that unworkable. >> the federal landscape has changed. >> another bill allows
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individuals to grow pot. this 22-year-old cancer patient would benefit. >> it's not so much pain but hunter ran non ship. i have dealt with that and i have lost a significant amount of body weight. it's always been a challenge. for me, it saves me from starvation. >> last year, the governor signed a bill so that those arrested could provide a defense in court. medical marijuana supporters are not giving up. >> . going to talk about it? >> absolutely. the legislation is making its way through. >> many young people who have a variety of problems pleaded with lawmakers to look at this issue through a health perspective. wbal-tv 11 news. >> members of the anne arundel county fire fighters union voted
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no confidence in their chief last night claiming the chief had neglected stopping and safety issues, failing to meet national standards in some areas. in a statement he says, "i have probably serve the citizens for more than 34 years and i believe my record of service stands for itself. he goes on to say he will continue to work closely to resolve any issues of contention." the police chief also voted no confidence in their police chief and the county executive. >> the body of a baby found in a car. they reported finding the remains inside their car last night. at this point it is not yet known who left the child there or if there's any connection to the child under.
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no word on the identity, gender, or age. >> more than $30,000 of drugs, guns, and money have been seized. they used wiretaps to track the suspect. lowell melser is live up with more on the massive bust. >> it was a pretty big one and it took about two dozen agents and police to put this together in and what is now becoming one of the largest gun seizures the city has seen in a while. >> we always talk about getting guns off the street, getting bad guys off the street, and we did just that. >> with assistance from the department of homeland security, they busted up a gun ring spanning from the city and the baltimore county. it began back in january when a suspect was arrested on a handgun charge and information spawned a three-month investigation leading to the massive blast.
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thursday, police served search warrants on five homes in a storage facility coming up with cash, herald in, guns, bulletproof vests, and drug- making material come overall a street value of more than $30,000. >> everything that goes hand in hand with the drug trade. >> arrested a, ronald price, jessica career, and keith james. >> he seemed like a really nice guy, you know? >> james lived above this dentist's office on harford road. staff at the office said he was last seen in january and had suspicious people working for him meaning that it is possible that he was the first person arrested in this case. >> he had some people working for him. he kind of looked sketchy. i thought maybe he was doing
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something, but i never would have thought that. >> police would not confirm who was the first of breasted come only releasing the names and photos of the three suspects. what is interesting here is that no charges have been officially announced from the city or the fed. we understand the scope of this case is growing and more arrests could be around the corner. as far of the three suspects are concerned, there remain in jail. live outside a police headquarters downtown, lowell melser come a wbal-tv 11 news. >> our team brought the allegations to light. he represented people who hav been hurt on the job convicted of felony theft and sentenced to one year in the baltimore county convention center. he was also disbarred. they called him a common criminal.
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>> believe it or not, it is a company that builds roller- coaster is locally. >> i'm tim tooten live in the newsroom with what watching jurors are calling for changes. >> some cold air moving to the east of the start of the weekend. the insta-weather + seven-day coming up. 50 of the airport, 53 downtown.
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>> this baltimore companies announced they will build the tallest roller coaster for an indoor mall in china. they have built 20 roasters all over the world. there are releasing details because of competition reasons. have built roasters from ehre to indonesia. >> we're building the world's largest indoor rollercoaster, designing and come up building at, and we will have a team going over to beijing to help install it. it will be located in one of the largest freestanding buildings. >> of everything goes as planned, it should open sometime next year. >> anne arundel county is now
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among a growing number of jurisdictions where lawmakers are calling for an elected school board instead of one appointed by the governor. they would like to see the board operate with a combination of the two. tim tooten as live in the news room with more. >> there are a handful of school systems operating with a hybrid board, part elected park appointed. the makeup of the school board may be the last thing on their mind. they will start with making ends meet. this delegate is backing a bill to gradually change it to one where the majority of the members are elected. the believe parents should have the last word. >> it's important that parents have a direct say in who rules and governs. parents have no say in this
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election -- the selection. >> they say of their working on more critical issues. >> he has worked with appointed boards. it really does not matter. what matters did the passion they have for advocating for children. the hybrid board concept is already in place where they believe it is at least worth a try here. >> we do not want to implement radical surgery. what we think should happen is that five of those members over time, as their term ends, it should be replaced by elected members. it will take some time to get this done. >> will not be one totally free of politics. >> they are asking for those changes. live in the newsroom, tim
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tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the day started just after midnight with temperatures near 70. a cold front went the route and we picked up a few hundredths of an inch. the front moved off the coast ushering in much chillier air. the high today was right around midnight in the cooler air is still coming in. it is cold enough to still produce some clouds and snow showers. up towards the pennsylvania-york state line. this should continue overnight as this moves offshore and high pressure moves in. some cold air is now moving in for the start of the weekend. it looks strange because it never felt that way during the day, but it was about 70 degrees at midnight. the low so far have been in the
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40's. 48 in randallstown. already, ocean city dropping to the low 40's. in western maryland seeing freezing temperatures develop and it will be cold. 34 at the inner harbor with clear skies and the chill will stay until saturday. it's just a small pocket that covers the lakes. we will dip into the mid atlantic. you can see how warm it gets on this chilly air mass. sixty in omaha, nebraska. the next warmup will get under way. here comes the reenforcing shot of chilly air. lots of sunshine saturday and sunday, once again on the other
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side of this high-pressure sell, the warmup will get going again. look for a beautiful weekend. sunday should be gorges. the next farm system will be approaching monday. later monday night going into tuesday, some of those ohio river valley showers could reach as. the weekend will look very nice. 44-49 tomorrow. northwest winds of 5-15 miles per hour. the sunrise on the last day of standard time at 6:55 p.m. on sunday when we sprang forward into daylight savings time, the sunrise will be closer to 7:25 a.m. we will enjoy sunlight later in the day. northwest wind on the bay gusting to 20 knots. small craft advisory. the big warmup will be hitting the mountains with the mid 50's.
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cooler tomorrow, 47, but up to 47 on sunday. -- on saturday. on the beach from the chilly ocean temperatures will keep the beaches crueler. cox will be going forward on sunday one hour. 61 sunday. 64. high-temperature staying in the mid it 60's through next week. >> from the susquehanna banks sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the good feeling is momentum generated from maryland's last game of the year did not carry very far. earlier today, marilyn never recovered from the mistakes. a major break down early. tyler with the slam. carolina up early in the way they went.
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11 more points today. it big numbers with the the acc leading scorer, but just could not keep the troops close enough. -- terps close enough. terps with 13 turnovers. cashing in on the n.i.t. bid as carolina beat them in the acc tournament. a big weekend ahead for the retrievers. one away from the trip to the women the n.c.a.a. tournament. they pulled up off-campus and having to albany from the finals. upsetting top-seeded boston university to advance to the conference finals. he won coach of the year honors and now he wants winner of the year.
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>> people have really taken noticed what we have done. ncaa and n.i.t., and our kids deserve it. >> playing in the american east finals tomorrow night. >> advancing to the state championship for the final four when in college park today. dumb are facing kokomo -- dunbar facing kokomo. 10-0 start. converting at the other around it, that cuts the lead down the two. with a steal for dunbar, a nice finish. put away time. 15 points, all from beyond the arch.
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orioles play tampa bay 283-3 -- to a 2-2 tie. you can do that in the spring. first at bat facing this pitcher -- takes a hit to the cheeck. you can herar the thud. he was able to get into the injury cart under his own power. it to continue by hospital for further a valuation. he did not suffer any broken bones in his face. his only injury? a loose tooth. amazing. an amazing moment from another memorable game. tom has a memorable weekend and a seven-day forecast for ahead.
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but this dog was found severely injured and it appears she is the victim of dogfighting. we switch to daylight savings time this saturday night. we will tell you the best way to ease into the transition on 11
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>> there is or insta-weather + seven-day forecast. finishing with highs above normal and sunshine both days. turning the clock forward one hour will give a little bit easier. >> the recommend getting up and doing it? >> absolutely. >> thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is next. we will see you again
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